"AOB has given me a group of people who are always there for me no matter what."

-Kyra Bella


"Right away I felt so at home with AOB!"

- Erin Ward


"The love and support I felt when I first met them is so much stronger now!"

-Rose Martinez


"It's the best choice I ever made." 

-Sabrina Arevalo

Being a Big

By Sarah Infante

Describing what it is like to be a big seems like such a simple task but words truly cannot define the relationship I have with my little. As a big, not only are you a sister, but a mentor, a shoulder to cry on, teacher and a best friend. My little and I have an unconditional love for each other and she knows that she can come to me for absolutely anything. I am her biggest fan no matter what. She can always put a smile on my face and brighten my day. We are constantly learning from each other while sharing many laughs and creating memories. There is no one else i'd want to be my little and I look forward to the days where we can look back on the now with smiles on our faces. 

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Being a Little

By Kayla Blonigen

Growing up, I’ve always had an older sister who was there for me at the drop of a hat. Ever since I moved five hours away, I missed having that person to lean on, that was until I got my big of course. On bid day, I immediately started thinking about which sister would be the perfect big for me, but since I didn’t know many of the sisters on a deeper level yet I pushed that idea to the side at the moment. Sarah was the first sister I had an interview with after receiving a bid from Alpha Theta Beta and even though it was our first actual conversation together, it felt like we had known each other for years. I knew, at that moment, that she was going to be someone from close to my heart for years to come. At big/little reveal, when I finally found out Sarah was my big, I was over the moon ecstatic. She is always the first person I text when any minor inconvenience happens and she never judges me for one second. Sarah has pushed me to be the best that I can be both in and outside of AOB and I will forever be grateful for her. Our friendship will only continue to grow stronger and stronger.

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Being a New Sister 

New sister pic .JPG

By Vanessa Willette

       Hi I'm Vanessa, i'm one of the newer sisters of Alpha Theta Beta. Becoming an AOB sister has been such an incredible experience for me. I joined at a time where I was not expecting to join and I could not be happier to be where I am. The second I met the sisters I knew this is the place I was meant to be. They are always so welcoming and kind and are always offering a helping hand for when you need it. I love going to events and seeing everyone's beautiful faces. Becoming an AOB sister has mad me confident and truthful to who I am. It's expanded me to meet so many new wonderful people and brings me so many new experiences that I will never forget. 


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