"AOB has given me my best friends and family all in one!"

-Hannah Grynberg

"In AOB, I not only found a home but people who genuinely love and care about me."

- Aly Lorenzi


"The love and support I felt when I first met them is so much stronger now!"

-Rose Martinez


"I've met some of my best friends through AOB!" 

-Caroline Fahey


Marble Surface

Being a New Sister 

By: Alice Patry

  Hi! My name is Alice and I am one of the newest sisters of AOB. As a new sister, I have learned how to handle different responsibilities and new situations that I would not have experienced if I had not accepted my bid. Being a sister has given me a chance to meet new people and evolve as a person in a big way. I have met so many amazing people, whether they are sisters or members of other organizations that AOB is friendly with. The bonds I have built so far with the sisters has made me a better person. I look forward to improving on myself, helping the sorority grow, and making new friends.

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