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A Letter From Our President

When thinking about what to put in this letter, I was at a loss for words. Not because I didn’t have anything to say, but because it’s so hard to put into words everything that AOB has done for me without sounding cheesy. I think I’ve told many of you that I never thought I’d join a sorority. I grew up with mostly male friends and enjoyed a lot of alone time. But then me and my friend decided to get dinner with some of the girls in AOB - it can’t hurt, right?! The next morning I was offered a bid, I panicked and called my mom crying, and then decided to take a leap of faith. Now my life has changed forever.

When I joined AOB two years ago, I was going through a lot of changes in my life. But then, joining AOB, I had a huge support system of girls who barely knew me helping me through this tough time. Fast forward past my first semester, and some of the older sisters decided to believe in me and nominate me for positions that I would never have the confidence to run for. After holding such important positions like sisterhood chair and corresponding secretary, I realized how passionate I was about this organization of amazing women. I truly smile every time I look around the room at our sisters, including all of our alumnae.

One of the biggest reasons I love AOB is that I truly feel like I can be myself around every single person in this room. Like many of you, I was nervous about joining a sorority based on the stereotypes you see in the movies. But I can honestly say I feel comfortable standing in front of 50 girls in my sweats and no makeup, just being my weird self. I am so grateful every day that these girls have not only accepted my Max Schneider obsession, but now sing along to all of his songs with me, go to his concerts with me, and even use his song in our recruitment video. Small things like that prove how AOB embraces every single sister.

So what has AOB given to me? AOB has given me so many opportunities and things to put on my resume. AOB has given me a Big who pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and a Little who inspires me to be the best version of myself every day. AOB has given me my future bridesmaids. AOB has given me a home at Hofstra. AOB has given me the stories that I will share with my kids one day. And AOB has given me the opportunity to become so much more confident and become the best version of myself.

I really hope all of you are able to take a leap of faith like I did and find your home in Alpha Theta Beta. Who knows, you could be standing up here as president one day. Thank you.

-Amanda Kruse, AOB Undergraduate President