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Erin Ward

Recording Secretary

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Caitlin Armatrudo


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Maria Sullivan

Vice President of Recruitment

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Alexa Sautter

Risk Management

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Erin McKendry

Corresponding Secretary

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Jenn Fink


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Annemarie Bastone

Vice President

Meet Our E-Board

A Letter From Our President

Alpha Theta Beta Sorority has given me the unique experience of genuine sisterhood. I found a group of women who support and love each other;

I found my bridesmaids and my best friends for life. Alpha Theta Beta changed my life completely, and it could change yours as well.

I met the sisters of AOB at a time of uncertainty. I had just transferred to Hofstra and was painfully shy. As a commuter, I thought I would just go

to class and go straight home. On a whim (and a slight push from my mom) I decided to go to Meet the Greeks. AOB was the first organization I

saw, and the sisters were extremely encouraging and kind. They made me feel special and excited about coming out for recruitment.

After joining AOB, I completely came out of my shell. I decided to run for positions and take on responsibilities that I was not confident enough

to pursue before. I would not have been able to grow if it wasn’t for the support of my sisters. If someone told me as a freshman that I would end up

as the president of a sorority I would have said, “maybe you meant the other Emily.”

I’ve created some amazing memories that range from spring break trips to a makeshift version of carpool karaoke while looking at holiday lights.

No matter where we are or what we’re doing, I know I’ll have a good laugh (or sometimes a good cry) with my sisters. These girls have seen me at

my best and at my worst, and have stuck with me through all of it. My time at Hofstra would not have been the same without them, and I am so

grateful every day that they are in my life.

Looking back, I wish I could tell myself what I know now, so, I want to offer my advice to all of you here today who’s heels I stood in just two

years ago. If you’re on the fence of whether or not to do this, take the leap of faith. You just might find your “girl gang,” bridesmaids, best friends for

life, and the opportunity of a lifetime.

-Emily Fontanetta, AOB Undergraduate President 

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