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Victoria Ewings


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Abigail Barnes


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Angelica Lisowy

Vice President of Recruitment 

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Haley Bovitz


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Grace Fitzpatrick

Vice President

Meet Our E-Board

A Letter From Our President

When I got accepted into Hofstra as a transfer student, I thought I would have the same experience as my last college. Go to class, go to my clubs, hang out with friends, work a little bit, and go home at the end of the day. The difference about Hofstra is that I was interested in the greek life here.


Once I got to Hofstra in the Fall of 2021, I immediately followed all of the sororities on campus on Instagram. I then jumped right into informal recruitment. Since I couldn’t make Alpha Theta Beta’s informal rounds, they reached out to me to have dinner with a few sisters and just chat with me. The minute I met the sisters at Starbucks, I knew AOB was the home for me. Each sister there was excited to meet me and get to know who I was, and they made the situation seem comfortable and not awkward. This perfectly encapsulates AOB. AOB is a group of people who are excited to meet potential new members and help sisters have the best college experience possible while having the common goals of fostering feelings of sisterhood, sincerity, and cooperation.


A large part of greek life is getting your big. For me, that was no exception. My big Mackenzie Morris is one of my biggest supporters and mentors in AOB. She pushes me to be my best inside and outside of AOB and is the one that pushed me to run for the positions I did. I would not have run for the 2022 Executive Board or President if it were not for her. 2022 President Jenn Fink is also one of my biggest supporters and mentors. Not only did she help bring me into the organization as my Assistant New Member Educator, but she helped give me the knowledge to run for Executive Board 2022 and President for Executive Board 2023. I consider many more sisters my mentors, but more importantly, every sister and I have a story that has somehow brought us closer, and I have AOB to thank for all of those amazing memories. Knowing I could go up to any sister anywhere and not feel awkward because everyone accepts each other is AOB.


One semester into the organization I was encouraged to run for Vice President of Risk Management on our Executive Board. I was nervous and did not think I would be elected since I was a younger sister. However, the sisterhood put their faith in me and elected me to Executive Board 2022. Serving on this board made me appreciate the hard work sisters put in to make this organization function and thrive. After serving the organization for a year, I knew I wanted to give back all that I possibly could to the place that has felt like my home away from home, so I decided to run for President. Again I did not think I would be elected, but the sisterhood put their faith in me a second time and elected me the President of Alpha Theta Beta.


If you are on the fence about going Greek I will tell you that it was the best decision I have made; you have nothing to lose, but you can gain so much. I have friends for life, my future bridesmaids, my kids' godparents, learned essential leadership skills, engaged in community service opportunities, received academic support, and received support from alumnae. Hopefully, you can find this and more by going Greek.

-Haley Bovitz, AOB Undergraduate President 

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